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  • The destination that has something for every level of surfer.
  • Perfect weather and perfect beaches for catching waves.
  • One of the only places in Europe that you can enjoy surfing every season of the year.
  • Surf Spots on all four sides of the island.
  • A gentle sun in the summer and great temperatures in the winter.
  • A true island surfer’s paradise, easily accessible from anywhere in Europe.



The Island: Nearly everyone who lives in Gran Canaria has got up on a surf board or body board some time in their life. It’s as if the ocean and the waves call to you. Gran Canaria is located in the centre of the Canarian archipelago and has great surf spots, depending on your level, all round the island. 

The north of the island is the main surf zone for the more professional and experienced surfer. This zone runs from ‘El Confital’ right round to ‘Gáldar’. This zone is the rockiest coast of the island. 

You then have the East side of the island which is idyllic when the sea comes from the East and the wind dies down. When the conditions are like this, the best spot is ‘Mosca Point’ in the area of Pozo Izquierdo. 

You can also find great waves in the South and West sides of the island, but these are also ideal areas for beginners. 

Mother Nature was generous with Gran Canaria, endowing it with great waves, great beaches and great year round weather so that each and every one of us can enjoy it how we want to.



The Weather: Gran Canaria weather is mild, with pleasant temperatures that are constant and never too high. Of course, during winter is gets a little cooler, but compared to central and northern Europe, it is still pure paradise.



A Minature Continent

Gran Canaria a miniature continent



  • Gran Canaria, something for everyone all in the same place.
  • Landscapes and microclimates that live together in harmony.
  • An island, custom-made for surfers.
  • A lost paradise where you can enjoy nature in its purest form.
  • Spectacular waves in the North and softer breaks in the South.
  • Never-ending golden sands, crystal clear waters and waves for all levels.
  • An island of diversity and richness.

Gran Canaria, an Island of Diversity and Richness: Connect with nature and experience it in its purest form in this lost paradise. Never-ending golden sands, crystal clear waters, 147 miles of coastline so that you can make the best out of Gran Canaria’s natural resource.


The Miniature Continent: An invigorating sea breeze, pure air in the mountains, different microclimates that live in harmony just a few kilometres away from each other.


Enjoy the Island Every Season of the Year: Gran Canaria is custom-made for surfers. It has great temperatures during the months of winter, a gentle sun during the summer, and an ocean sized swimming pool all year round for you to ride the waves any month of the year!


Discover its Hidden Mysteries: There really is no other place like it! The miniature continent with something for everyone all in the same place. This is the place to be!


A Miniature Continent galleryA Miniature Continent gallery

A Miniature Continent gallery

A Miniature Continent gallery







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  • A perfect climate for any outdoor activity!
  • The Hawaii of the Atlantic for Surfers!

The Island of Eternal Spring: Gran Canaria’s average daytime highs range from 20ºC in winter, to 26ºC in summer. With an average yearly temperature of 22ºC, it’s ideal inside and outside of the water.


Surfing:Gran Canaria is the Hawaii of the Atlantic, with too many beaches to choose from. The quality and perfection of the waves means that Gran Canaria is the place to be!



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  • The island is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa.
  • To get to Gran Canaria from any point in Europe is quick and easy.
  • The airport is located about 32km from Maspalomas.




         To view a larger map of Gran Canaria, click here

Location and Size: Located in the Atlantic Ocean 210 km from the northwest coast of Africa, the Island of Gran Canaria is 47km wide, 55km long and reaches a maximum altitude of 1,949m (Pico de Las Nieves).


Access to the Island:To get to Gran Canaria from any point in Europe is quick and easy! If you’re coming from the UK you could be surfing in 4 hours. If you’re coming in from Portugal, it’s as little as 2.30 hours. Those flying from Norway could be on the beach in 5.30hours! Maspalomas is just a 25 minute ride from the airport, so you’ll be here before you know it!