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Gran Canaria, Spain - Hiking Holidays your way

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  • A real paradise for nature lovers and trekkers
  • A unique and unrivaled climate
  • One of the only places in Europe to enjoy all year round
  • 32 protected natural areas
  • An extensive network of walking trails
  • An ideal hiking destination, easily accessible from any point in Europe



The Island: Gran Canaria, the ‘round island’ has an almost circular perimeter, and with the highest summit in the middle of the island, it gives it a cone-like shape, which gives place to lots of deep ravines and mountainous terrain.

The weather is also as varied as its terrain. The temperatures are pleasant and mild throughout the year, but depending on orientation or altitude, different microclimates can exist.
This diversity is what creates the changing landscape of Gran Canaria, and it is what has given it its nick-name of the ‘miniature continent’.

With an extensive network of established hiking trails, Gran Canaria is an ideal hiking holiday destination for trekkers.


A Minature Continent

Gran Canaria a miniature continent



  • Whatever you are looking for, Gran Canaria has it
  • An island custom-made for hikers
  • Connect with nature in this lost paradise
  • Explore its deep valleys and gorges
  • A mixture of landscapes and climates

Gran Canaria, an Island custom-made for hiking: Green ravines, mountain valleys, lush forests, protected nature areas, unbelievable landscapes - a treasure chest of natural and cultural treasures waiting to be discovered.


The Miniature Continent: Gran Canaria has something for everyone - pure air from the mountains, an invigorating sea breeze, varied landscapes and microclimates that live a few kilometres away from each other.


Enjoy Hiking Every Season of the Year: Gran Canaria is a small-scale continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that has near perfect weather all year round. With a special blend of ingredients, this island is a perfect destination for all hikers.


Discover its Hidden Mysteries: Gran Canaria isn’t just a sea and beach destination - it has something for everyone all in the same place. It is beautiful, versatile and waiting to be discovered! Gran Canaria is the place to be!



A Miniature Continent galleryA Miniature Continent gallery

A Miniature Continent gallery

A Miniature Continent gallery







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  • A perfect climate for any outdoor activity
  • An extensive network of trails to explore on foot

The Island of Eternal Spring: Mild and pleasant temperatures all year round makes the climate in Gran Canaria perfect for any kind of sporting activity. With an average yearly temperature of 22ºC, there really is no other place like it.


Hiking: A whole miniature continent to explore and discover. Trekking Gran Canaria’s extensive network of trails is the ideal way of discovering the natural and historic treasures that are hidden within its 32 protected natural areas. Its landscape and climate have earned Gran Canaria its nickname as the ‘miniature continent’.




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  • Find Gran Canaria off the coast of Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Quick and easy access by plane
  • Our accommodation in Maspalomas is just 32km from the airport and a pick up point for the hiking excursions.

         To view a larger map of Gran Canaria, click here

Location and Size: The Island is around 47km wide, 55km long, and its highest summit ‘Pico de Las Nieves’, reaches 1,949m. Located 210km off the northwest coast of Africa.



Access to the Island: Easily accessible from any point in Europe, Gran Canaria is just a plane ride away. Getting from the airport to the accommodation is just as easy as we can take care of it for you, and in 20 minutes you can be here making plans for your hike the next day.