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Gran Canaria, Spain - Golfing Holidays your way

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  • The golfing destination that offers something for every level of golfer
  • An exotic golf haven with unique and unrivalled climate conditions for playing golf
  • One of the only places in Europe where you can play golf every month of the year
  • A diverse selection of golf courses that run from North to South
  • A true golfer’s paradise, easily accessible from any point in Europe



The Island: Many years have passed since the first golf course in Spain was opened in Gran Canaria. The island now has 7 very different resorts offering very different games.

Golf in Gran Canaria is not only about tradition however. Over the past few years, a modern infrastructure has been developed surrounding this sport. Specialists in the area, have no doubt in rating the golf installations in Gran Canaria as some of the best in Spain.

For this reason, Gran Canaria has been the host of several golf tournaments and its reputation as one of the top European golfing destinations is forever growing. This is because not only is the island of Gran Canaria well-known for its golf courses, but it also continues to be one of the most popular European holiday destinations.


A Minature Continent

Gran Canaria a miniature continent



  • Gran Canaria - everything you need, all in the same place
  • The island of a thousand landscapes
  • An island custom-made for golfers
  • A lost paradise to enjoy your favourite sport in serene surroundings
  • A fantastic year round climate
  • An island of diversity and richness

Gran Canaria, an Island custom-made for golfers: Gran Canaria offers players a wide variety of golf courses, a high quality service and a golf tradition that dates back to the 19th Century.


The Miniature Continent: Changing landscapes, kilometres of beaches, a sea of history and culture, Gran Canaria really does have something for everyone.


Enjoy Playing Golf Every Season of the Year: Gran Canaria is ideal for sports and activities - especially golf. Great temperatures in the winter and a gentle sun in the summer, means that you could be teeing off any month of the year.


Discover its Hidden Mysteries: Gran Canaria has it all! Sun, sand and sea! It’s not just about the beach though, it’s an island of diversity and richness waiting to be discovered and explored!


A Miniature Continent galleryA Miniature Continent gallery

A Miniature Continent gallery

A Miniature Continent gallery







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  • A perfect climate for the ultimate golfing experience
  • A top European golfing destination

The Island of Eternal Spring: The Island of Eternal Spring: Ideal temperatures all year round averaging 22ºC. A perfect climate for any sporting activity.


Golf: An oasis of tranquillity to improve your game. Seven magnificent golf courses designed by experts and professionals put them among the best in Spain. That’s why Gran Canaria has been chosen as the location for a number of golf tournaments over the last few years and it continues to grow as a European golfing destination.



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  • Gran Canaria is located off the northwest coast of Africa
  • Quick and easy access from any point in Europe
  • Golf accommodation in Maspalomas just 32km from the airport

         To view a larger map of Gran Canaria, click here

Location and Size: Located in the Atlantic Ocean, the ‘round island’, as Gran Canaria is sometimes know, is around 47km wide, 55km in length, and reaches a height of 1,949m (Pico de Las Nieves).



Access to the Island: Depending where you are in Europe, you can be here in as little as 2.30 hours. Access is quick and easy and the accommodation is just a 20 minute ride from the airport.