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Gran Canaria, Spain - Cycling Holidays your way

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  • One of the best destinations in Europe for road riding
  • An unrivaled climate for year round cycling
  • Great temperatures in the winter for training, and a gentle sun in the summer
  • Perfect roads, low traffic, and a low wind
  • A wealth of routes, tracks and trails to explore breathtaking scenery
  • An ideal destination for cyclists, easily accessible from anywhere in Europe.



The Island: Gran Canaria has a number of routes for bike lovers and for those who want to feel at one with Nature. It really is a biker’s paradise.

Not many people venture into the mountainous centre of the island, but road riders and mountain bikers get to appreciate this miniature continent up close and personal. Gran Canaria has 32 protected natural areas, 8 nature reserves and around 100 species of plants native to the island.

With so many mountains, the landscapes are truly spectacular and the cycling routes, for road riders and mountain bikers, are almost all absent of plains and full of stones and rocks due to its volcanic origins.

The constantly changing terrain makes cycling in Gran Canaria a fulfilling experience!


A Minature Continent

Gran Canaria a miniature continent



  • Something for everyone all in the same place
  • An island custom-made for road riding and mountain biking
  • A forgotten paradise where you can connect with nature
  • Cycling conditions that are hard to beat
  • An island of diversity and richness

Gran Canaria, an Island custom-made for cycling: Almost every cycling magazine in Europe has done a feature on Gran Canaria. It has something for everyone - great roads, rugged mountains and diverse scenery.


The Miniature Continent: Varied landscapes and microclimates living in harmony, pure air from the mountains, and a fresh breeze from the sea. Gran Canaria has it all.


Enjoy the Island Every Season of the Year: Gran Canaria has near perfect riding weather conditions all year round. The summer months can be a challenge for those who are not experienced riders, but the rest of the year couldn’t be better!


Discover its Hidden Mysteries: This miniature continent is beautiful and versatile, as if it was custom-made for active people. There is no other place like it. This is the place to be!


A Miniature Continent galleryA Miniature Continent gallery

A Miniature Continent gallery

A Miniature Continent gallery







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  • Perfect riding weather conditions almost 365 days of the year
  • Inexhaustible roads and tracks for a cyclist’s dream destination

The Island of Eternal Spring: Average day time highs range from 20ºC in the winter and 26ºC in the summer. With average yearly temperatures of 22ºC, Gran Canaria has one of the best climates for any outdoor activity.


Cycling: Exceptional terrain variety. The roads in Gran Canaria are in great condition and have inexhaustible potential for a variety of different routes, climbs and levels. Every year, more and more cyclists come to the island to train to enjoy stable temperatures, light traffic, and a pro-cycling atmosphere.




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  • Located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa
  • Access to Gran Canaria from any point in Europe is quick and easy
  • The accommodation in Maspalomas is just 32km from the airport of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and 5 minutes away from the Bike Centre

         To view a larger map of Gran Canaria, click here

Location and Size: Geographically, the island of Gran Canaria is closer to Africa, but is part of Spain. It is 47km wide, 55km long, and the highest point on the island, Pico de Las Nieves reaches 1,949m.



Access to the Island: Access to the island is quick and easy by air from any point in Europe. The ride from the airport to the accommodation can take as little as 20 minutes.