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Cycling Included…Cycling Holidays your way! Your way is our way!

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Personal assistance from start to finish!

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A one stop shop service – we do the work and you go riding!

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You don’t have to do it yourself, we organise everything for you!

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The best of everything – the best accommodation for cyclists, the best professionals, the best cycling tours, the best experience, and the best prices!

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Cycling Holidays where you have a choice! Package or Tailor-made activity holidays.

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Road Riding Tours, Mountain Biking Tours, Easy Riding Tours, E-Bike Tours and Bike Hire – Pick and Choose!

Why Cycling Included?

Just like you, we love nature and we love to ride and above all else we enjoy having fun doing what we love!

The beautiful and versatile island of Gran Canaria is fast becoming one of Europe’s top cycling destinations. It has the three basic ingredients to make it the place to cycle for cyclists of all levels: great weather, great roads and breathtaking scenery. The weather is fantastic during the winter months and gentler than other destinations during the summer and the roads are almost perfect with low traffic and low wind.

The island is so diverse that every kilometer offers a new challenge to the rider; it is also a climber’s paradise!

Cycling Included all began here in Gran Canaria because of our passion for sports and activities, our knowledge of the island, and a desire to share it with like-minded people. We want to show you the richness of Gran Canaria through doing what you love to do, and as we also have over 20 years of experience in the tourism sector, we know that we can create a cycling holiday that does just that!

Cycling Included Mission Statement

To bring cycling to all levels of riders whether old or young, fit or not so fit, by offering a carefree and quality cycling holiday, complete with choices and personal assistance, by friendly and efficient people who aim to provide the type of holiday they’d love to do themselves.


The Company

Cycling Included specialises in providing hassle free cycling in Gran Canaria, with a difference! Our cycling activities and programmes can be tailor made to suit anyone and everyone, so whatever your idea of a cycling holiday is, we can do it.

For the fit and active we have road riding and mountain biking weeks that include 5 cycling tours with a wide network of roads and trails available and for those who don’t want to do something every day, we can also arrange a lower number of tours.

If you’re looking for a bit of action, but something less strenuous, then we have Easy Riding or E-Bike tours. On these rides, every day is like a lazy Sunday afternoon!

The difference with Cycling Included is the personalised service we offer and our personal touch. We take care of everything for you from the moment you contact us right until the moment you go back home. We strive to offer you the best professionals, the best service and the best prices!

We aim to give you the sort of holiday we would love to do ourselves, so we’re here to assist you in whatever you may need.