Dive into Gran Canaria Holidays

September 16 2011


Diving holidays are becoming more and more popular with adventurous holiday makers, looking for a fun way to relax and unwind, in beautiful surroundings above and below the water. 

Gran Canaria is rated as one of the top 100 dive sites in the world in no small part thanks to the diverse and colourful marine life from the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Atlantic oceans. 

Gran Canaria shares top spot with Caribbean and Red Sea resorts for many seasoned divers. However, Gran Canaria has the advantage of being closer to home for most European visitors, as well as being a much safer environment for a diving holiday. There are eleven species of marine life that are only found in the Canaries and more than 400 distinct marine species in the warm waters surrounding the island. Most of the island is surrounded by a shelf of between 20 – 24 metres which is ideal for recreational diving. 

Even in shallow waters, scuba divers and swimmers can enjoy an array of sealife. 

There are also great wrecks in the north of the island and beautiful and diverse marine life at Pasito Blanco and El Cabron. The beautiful year round climate of Gran Canaria also makes the island a favourite choice for diving. Visitors, and locals alike, enjoy exploring the warm waters of Gran Canaria. 

There are also many different ways to enjoy diving in Gran Canaria, ranging from sheltered bays for beginners, to deeper wrecks for more experienced divers to explore. 

Visitors can also choose from natural and artificial reefs throughout the island. 

Divers can enjoy both dives from shore and boat in Gran Canaria. In the north the best dives are accessed by boat whilst in the west the best diving is shore based as marine life venture near to the coastline. Experienced guides can provide advice on the most appropriate dives for visitors of all abilities. There are even opportunities to learn to dive in Gran Canaria. 

Visitors arriving on the island without their own equipment can hire full equipment, including shore entry boots and wetsuits, from almost any dive centre. It is also possible to enjoy night dives in Gran Canaria where visitors can see species which are never visible during the day, such as red-legged octopus, golden Balearic congers, sea hares, squid, and sand crabs. 

Special moments diving in Gran Canaria can also be captured with underwater cameras as the waters are beautiful and clean. 

Underwater photography competitions have even been held in Gran Canaria, and some great photography can be found online, and in diving brochures, magazines and books. 

People visiting Gran Canaria for a diving holiday with family and friends who are non-divers needn’t worry; the island has attractions for visitors of all ages and interests. 

The main resorts across the island boast amazing beaches, water parks, family attractions, museums, art galleries, plenty of shopping and night life to suit all tastes. 

The beautiful climate also caters for visitors wanting to unwind with a good book, a cold drink and glorious uninterrupted sunshine. 

As Gran Canaria is warmed by a branch of the Gulf Stream temperatures reach about 23-24C in late summer and rarely drop below 18C in the winter. 

Winter escapes to Gran Canaria are becoming increasingly popular with divers. Some groups and families even visit during Christmas vacations to enjoy sunshine and diving rather than snow and Santa. 

Irrespective of the time of year, or the level of experience people have, Gran Canaria is the perfect location for any diving holiday. 

The fantastic range of accommodation on the island, offering great value and luxurious surroundings, makes Gran Canaria an ideal choice for a diving holiday. 

It’s no wonder that thousands of visitors choose Gran Canaria for their diving holiday. World class diving in Gran Canaria is certainly making a splash! 



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